Since our inception, RA Web Designers has been focused on providing small businesses and professionals with the tools to start, maintain, and expand their digital presence.

RA Web Designers provides small businesses and professionals with all aspects of the digital experience: beautifully designed sites, search engine optimization (SEO), and comprehensive content editing.

Meeting early on their freshman year of Cornell University, Ruven and Aliza realized they could harness both of their passions into action. With proficiency in both computer science and design, RA Web Designers meets small businesses and professionals where they're at, creating aesthetic content and providing design expertise for businesses at all stages of development.


Ruven Kotz

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Co-Founder + Lead Developer

Majoring in Computer Science in Cornell's Engineering School, Ruven Kotz loves the intersection of programming and business. He focuses his work on analytics and SEO, bringing the website design to the next level. Outside of coding, Ruven enjoys binge watching the eleven Star Wars movies and cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Aliza Saunders

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Co-Founder + Lead Designer

Studying Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University, Aliza is passionate about using design to positively impact the lives of others. She spearheads the website design, ensuring seamless user-experience and beautiful aesthetics. Outside of website design, Aliza enjoys discovering hidden gems in the Trader Joe's dessert aisle and taking long walks with her sisters.