Why Websites are Crucial Post-Covid

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

In mid-March, our world was put on hold: routines upended, plans cancelled, incomes in-flux. The idea of “normalcy,” now seems like a foreign concept.

But, what we do best — as humans and as a society — is bounce back. We’re resilient beings. That might mean taking a detour on an original plan or re-inventing a once solid career aspiration, but it doesn’t mean failure.

Now, more than ever, small businesses, nonprofits, and those looking to self-promote, must look for creative solutions to expand, market, and connect to their customers and clients. One way to begin to tackle this is through an increased digital presence. Here’s a few reasons why a digital presence is crucial in Covid time and beyond.

1. Provides up to date services, hours, + shipment information

With state and federal stay-at-home orders and regulations changing regularly, it can sometimes be difficult for people to know what’s open or what services are currently available. Whether you’re a restaurant with updated curb-side delivery prices, a therapist with new virtual hours, a barber shop that’s open but only for a limited number of clients, or a boutique that now ships products, your website is the easiest way for your current and future customers to find this information. Tools, such as pop-up windows and widgets to schedule appointments and order products, clearly express information and can be easily edited to relay updated information.

2. Set yourself apart

Thoughtfully designed websites capture users’ attention, encouraging them to continue browsing your site and eventually buy your product or service. A website equipped with the latest search engine optimization tactics and seamless booking and buying techniques set you apart from your competition.

3. Providing ease in an uneasy time

Easy to navigate websites with aesthetically pleasing photographs and digestible content successfully connects customers and clients with your intended message. With so much uncertainty, stress, and confusion, a website that promotes positive user experience will provide some semblance of normal and hopefully associate your product or service with these positive emotions.

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